Top 14 Short Story Markets for Writers

# Novel Ideas: How To Turn Your Short Stories Into A Profitable Pastime

* Quick rundown of what a short story is
* Where and how you can monetize your short stories
* Showcasing the places that can help boost your short storytelling income


Ever dreamed of converting your passion for weaving words into a side hustle? Maybe you consider yourself a flash fiction aficionado, or an artisan of anecdote. Whatever your story, pardon the pun, we’ve got the lowdown on how to sell short stories for cash.

###What makes a short story

Contrary to popular belief, a short story isn’t just a mini novel. It’s a brief narrative featuring a single plot, confined setting, limited characters, and a message that leaves the reader reflective. And don’t be fooled by their brevity – short stories need to have a start, middle, and a satisfying end. Mastering the art of crafting an impact in such tightly compacted prose is no easy feat.

Think about it; it’s like creating an emoji that represents an entire state of human emotion. Experienced emoji users know that a well-placed smiley or heart emoji can speak volumes. Likewise, your short stories, although limited in length, can pack a punch emotionally, visually, and intellectually. Now let’s see where you can take these micro-masterpieces and turn them into straight-up moolah!

###Best Places To Sell Short Stories For Money

Here, we’re going to give you a glimpse of various markets that value talented writers and their short stories:

**1. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)**

Amazon’s KDP is potentially your first step on the ladder towards self-publishing. Virtually everyone utilizes Amazon, making it an excellent platform to sell short stories. To get your work out there, create a Kindle Direct Publishing account, double-check for typos, and introduce an appealing cover for your masterpiece. The price of Kindle eBooks typically begins at $0.99, meaning you can earn up to 70% in royalties. Platforms like KDP also offer distribution options to take your eBook worldwide.

**2. Clarkesworld Magazine**

Clarkesworld Magazine is perfect for those whose minds wander to whimsical worlds and futuristic fantasies. They look for fiction that ranges from 1,000 to 22,000 words, offer payment via PayPal or check, and pay 12 cents per word.

**3. One Story**

One Story is a literary magazine that believes in the simplicity of a single, compelling narrative. If your story falls between 3,000 and 8,000 words and has an engaging plot, you’re in with a chance.

**4. East of the Web**

East of the Web goes beyond helping writers make money; they focus on exposure, offering invaluable publicity to authors. Their platform proudly showcases stories that engage readers from start to finish.

**5. Flash Fiction Online**

Flash Fiction Online seeks to publish compelling 500 to 1,000-word stories within the realms of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and literary fiction categories. As the name suggests, these are flash in the pan stories but they need to glitter too!

**6. The Threepenny Review**

With a focus on brilliant writing that engages, educates and entertains, The Threepenny Review is open to stories spanning a variety of genres, as long as the stories are under 4,000 words.

**7. Poets & Writers**

A prestigious platform catering to the creative art of writing, Poets & Writers has a massive national audience and is frequently the launching pad for emerging authors.

**8. The Atlantic**

Well-known for its thought-provoking journalism, The Atlantic is always open to showcasing writers who can craft compelling narratives within the realm of fiction.

**9. Reader’s Digest**

A name synonymous with irresistible reads, Reader’s Digest is an ideal platform to launch your short story writing career.

**10. Medium**

Medium provides a unique digital platform where writers can share and monetize their content. It’s all about community engagement and interaction, fostering a dynamic writer-reader relationship.

**11. Barrelhouse**

Barrelhouse is an indie mag with a knack for compelling stories that take a chance on the unconventional and unexpected. Reaching out to them might be the best move for writers who love coloring outside the lines.

**12. The New Yorker**

An iconic institution in the literary scene, The New Yorker is the holy grail for writers seeking to make their mark. If you’re up to the challenge, penning a short story for The New Yorker could be your golden ticket.

**13. Short Story Contests**

Participating in short story contests could give you the impetus, exposure, and cash rewards you need as an aspiring short story writer.

**14. Start your own blog**

Last but not least, you can also consider creating your blog. Although it requires time, patience, and persistence, having your platform allows you complete creative control over your content and the potential for exciting earning opportunities.

###Hot Take

You’ve got a talent for tantalizing tales and mesmerizing mysteries, and there’s a world of readers eager for fresh, bite-sized narratives. There are numerous platforms out there craving new content, and they’re willing to pay for your prose. But remember, even though the stories are short, this isn’t a shortcut to success. Be prepared to put in the groundwork, be adventurous in seeking opportunities, and be fierce in your dedication to polishing your craft. Let the story of your short story writing journey be one of victory, valor, and very happy readers!

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