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Getting Started

Starting with CanCredit involves a detailed consultation with our Credit Specialists who review your credit reports to tailor advice and strategies. This personalized approach ensures we target the right items on your credit report for disputes, based on legal validity, to effectively enhance your credit profile.

Credit Bureau Disputes

Leveraging our expertise and key consumer laws, we draft personalized dispute letters for the major credit bureaus, challenging up to 45 items. These bureaus are then legally obliged to investigate by verifying each disputed item with its source, ensuring a thorough and fair review of your credit report.


If an item can’t be verified, it’s removed; if updated, it means a change occurred. Verified items remain unchanged. After investigation, you’ll receive an updated credit report, ensuring transparency.

Violations Reported

 Within 30 days, creditors complete investigations and share results. Forward their responses to us for analysis and potential escalation to authorities like the FTC or BBB, based on the situation and legal compliance.

Creditor Interventions

Responding to bureau feedback, we craft and send up to 15 targeted letters to involved parties, demanding validations, goodwill interventions, and data inquiries. Unlike many, we invest the necessary time and resources in these crucial steps to ensure thorough credit repair.


 Expect new credit reports from each bureau in 30-45 days. You can share these with us via your online account, email, fax, or mail. We’ll analyze these updates, update your account with the findings, and plan our next steps.


We tailor our next steps based on your case, previous efforts, and responses to disputes. Often, we restart disputes with bureaus, each time more assertively, to address any resistance and ensure compliance with the law. Our persistence and expertise are key in correcting inaccuracies and addressing violations in your credit reports.


We’ll tailor our next steps based on your case and past dispute outcomes, often re-disputing more assertively with bureaus. Overcoming the usual resistance from creditors and bureaus requires our persistent expertise to correct inaccuracies and legal violations.

Sit Back And Relax

We handle all the work to boost your credit, operating diligently in the background. You’ll get access to a secure client portal for 24/7 updates and document uploads, allowing you to monitor our progress. The process of improving your credit repeats until we achieve full restoration, despite any challenges from credit bureaus. Persistence and the right pressure often resolve complex credit issues.