Three Key Habits of Highly Successful Individuals

## H1: Three Ways to Engineer Your Own Success Story

Life, they say, is not a bed of roses, but it doesn’t have to be a bed of thorns either. With the right attitude, a little bit of industry expertise, mentoring and calculated risk, you can design your life’s success blueprint.

Here are the broad strokes to guide you:

– Becoming an expert in your industry
– Offering mentorship as a road to success
– Embracing calculated risk as a route to accomplishment

## H2: Master Your Craft: The Tale of Two Toms

It’s true what they say – knowledge is power. However, it’s the raw material that, with a little polishing and mastering, can push you up the career ladder faster than a lift. Let’s consider two gentlemen both named Tom.

Our first Tom began his journey in the pharmaceutical industry from right at the bottom – the mailroom. Desiring more, he took the initiative to join a pharmaceutical trade group. He didn’t stop there; he fully committed himself to the cause, actively participating in various committees and progressively learning more about his industry.

And when you’ve dedicated time and effort like Tom has, people take notice. When attendees at a lunch event that featured top executive echelons began to sing his praises, his CEO was taken aback. To his boss, Tom was an outstanding performer hidden in plain sight. From then, it wasn’t long before Tom found himself quickly climbing the ranks until he reached the #2 spot in the company.

It’s a similar story with another Tom, though his path was slightly different. Starting as a humble messenger, he seized the opportunity in his hands – the telegraph – and taught himself on his own to use it. This self-acquired skill propelled him to one of the highest echelons in the railroad industry, proving that you can always elevate yourself, no matter where you start.

## H2: The Profits of Mentorship

The role of a mentor often goes unnoticed and unappreciated, but its benefits can be life-changing. Some of the greatest minds in business attribute their success to their mentors. Let’s dig a little into the life of an individual from our study, who made it to the top of Wall Street’s high towers.

He found incredible significance not just in trading commodities but also in mentoring many under his charge. Although he lost his job in the global economic crisis of 2008, he remained calm and collected. Thanks to the solid relationships he cultivated through mentorship, he was sure to land another role. Sure enough, within a month, a mentee who had risen to the top rang up his former mentor with a job offer.

Now, consider the renowned story of Jamie Dimon and his mentor Sandy Weill. Dimon became part of one of the most effective teams in the banking world under Weill’s mentorship. Together, they made groundbreaking strides, merging companies and changing the name of the finance game. In the end, Dimon, after benefiting from his mentor’s guidance, took over as the CEO of a leading financial institution.

So therein lies the power of mentorship – it connects individuals, creates lifelong bonds, and often serves as a jump pad for success.

## H2: The Courage to Take Calculated Risks

No victory was ever won without a fight. Elon Musk, SpaceX’s famed CEO, is a modern-day example of someone who took considerable calculated risk and won. Musk put every penny he had on the line, and when his Falcon 1 rocket succeeded after the first few failures, he was vindicated. This is the essence of taking calculated risks. It means being ready to fail, learn, and come back stronger.

Musk’s risk-taking habits earned him Space X’s success, and it’s a lesson for anyone striving for success. Of course, please note that this isn’t about taking blind risks, but rather making well-informed, calculated ones, and having the courage to bet on yourself.

## H3: Blueprint to Success

We’ve seen how mastering your industry, acting as a mentor to others, and being open to taking calculated risks – when combined – can catalyze success. Each individual’s journey to achieving their dreams may look different, but these strategies remain universal, presenting a fool-proof framework to script your own success saga.

And as always, remember the three golden Ps to succeeding: Patience, Perseverance, and Positivity. Stay focused, and never lose sight of the goal. Success awaits!

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