Takeover Alert: Cummins & Atmus Filtration Odd Lot Tender Opportunity

A Simple Framework For Our Big Investment Story:

– The backstory behind the ‘separation’ between Cummins and Atmus Filtration Technologies
– A tidy up of how the exchange offer works
– The implications of holding 99 shares or fewer of Cummins (CMI)
– The “yesses” and “maybes” on your earning potential
– The presence of risk in the whole ordeal

A Tale Of Two Companies

Once upon a time in the pleasant month of May 2023, an industrial giant named Cummins, known for their prowess in special machinery manufacturing, gave birth to a humble little company known as Atmus Filtration Technologies (let’s call him ATMU). ATMU, devoted to creating equipment for commercial vehicles (like those gigantic yellow construction machines, agricultural machinery and big rigs), journeyed under the protection of Cummins, who retained an 80% stake in the young company.

A Shareholder’s Invitation to a Sweet Exchange Offer

Now approaching its adolescence, ATMU sought to step into its independence. Cummins, respecting ATMU’s longing, offered an intriguing proposal for all CMI shareholders. For every $100 of CMI they tender considered, they’d receive $107.53 of the resilient little ATMU. The plan? To complete the split-off with the successful prospects of the sweet 7.5% premium offer.

This scenario might echo your memory of the Johnson & Johnson odd-lot tender the previous year. Designed to make sure it happens (just like making sure your guests finish off all the delicious cake at your party), this proposal may end up being heavily requested. Because of that, some tenders might be proportionally reduced – or ‘pro-rated’, as our financial friends like to say.

Cheers to The Little Guys

Here’s an interesting twist. There’s a provision in this deal that’s kind of like getting to the front of the line just because you’re a little shorter than everyone else. If you’re holding 99 shares or less and you choose to tender all of them, you won’t be on the chopping block for pro-ration. Isn’t that sweet? In this oddly stacked financial world, small individual investors can bag themselves a teeny advantage that the big money moguls can’t get a hold of.

If Your Stomach Can Handle The Exciting Twists

I won’t lie to you – I’m far from an investment guru, and like a rollercoaster ride at an amusement park, this journey comes with its own set of daredevil manoeuvres. Before you hop on, you need to know that there are hills and drops to this ride. Take some time and do your homework before you let your purse strings loose.

Making Heads and Tails of Your Potential Earnings

Visualise this deal in a nutshell: You buy 99 shares of CMI (which, while we’re being precise, costs approximately $26,133 as per market close of February 23, 2024). Then you tender all your shares without delay. If the financial gods are with you and everything sails smoothly (fingers crossed!), you could net in about $28,100 of ATMU roughly 7 business days after the close date. Our buddies in Wall Street say, with a 7.5% premium, you could see potential profits of close to $1,960!

The Footnote: Let’s Not Forget about The Limit Ratio

Engaging in investment affairs can be much like a buffet. And like at any buffet, you should come prepared for unexpected conditions. The deal between Cummins and ATMU is no exception. It’s like having a calculated slice of cake rather than a fixed cookie (excuse the pun). Risks lurk around, like the deal being cancelled, putting you in a position of owning 99 shares of CMI at a fluctuating market price, or the possibility of getting less than the 7.5% premium of ATMU shares due to the limit ratio coming into play.

Customer Service to the Rescue

When you’re diving into the investment aquarium, having a broker with top-notch customer service can be a lifesaver. The need for due diligence is crucial because remember, we’re not just diving into a pool, but the vast ocean of investment.

The Unravelment of Potential, Not Fairy Tale Promise

This whole deal is much like a fascinating financial storybook, acting as both educative and interesting, with a sprinkle of potential monetary returns for you. Fairytale-like? Maybe. But also remember that it remains a calculated risk, so be up for the adventure!

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