Improving Success with Proper Etiquette

* Etiquette and social skills equip children for success in life.
* Quality social skills increase the likelihood of graduating college.
* Good etiquettes can pave the way to sustainable, full-time employment.
* Working effectively within teams is bolstered by solid social skills.
* Sharing and extending mutual assistance are the byproducts of powerful social skills.
* Financial success is more achievable for those who prioritize etiquette and interpersonal abilities.

It’s All About the Art of Interactions

Having worked at the intersection of credit, finance, and personal success for many years, I’ve come to realize one undeniable truth: social skills and etiquette play a big role in defining our paths. This direct correlation between a person’s social abilities and life outcomes was explored in a comprehensive joint research study by two big-league institutions, Penn State and Duke University.

The conduit of research, led by the intrepid Damon Jones, gathered valuable insights from 800 individuals. This journey of intellectual exploration started when the subjects were in Kindergarten and concluded when they were in their mid-twenties.

The Research Revelations

Let’s jump into the treasure troves of findings from this comprehensive research:

  1. College Success is Fostered by Good Etiquette: It’s not all about acing maths or science. It turns out etiquette and social skills also play a role in whether someone graduates college. Being polished in our dealings helps us better navigate the academic and interpersonal challenges of higher education.
  2. Land and Hold Jobs with Social Skills: Having a full-time job and holding onto it requires more than just technical proficiencies. It demands well-rounded individuals who can communicate and coexist harmoniously within the workspace. The research shows rewarding jobs are within reach when you cultivate your social skills.
  3. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Teams are an integral part of workplace dynamics. The study confirmed that individuals with strong social skills work more effectively in collaborative environments. The driving force behind this is the ability to perceive, interpret, and respond appropriately to others’ thoughts and emotions.
  4. Sharing and Caring are the Fruits of Etiquette: Ever heard of the saying, “Sharing is caring?” It seems this elementary principle has far-reaching implications on our roads to success. The willingness to share and help others are results of nurturing social skills and etiquette.
  5. Social Skills and Financial Victory: Last, but definitely not least, financial success is no longer an elusive dream for those who prioritize their social skills. We don’t exist in vacuums, and we rely on connections and interactions to propel ourselves towards prosperity.

The Final Word

In a world increasingly tied together by digital technology, here’s a ‘hot take’: Sprucing up our social skills and etiquette is starting to seem less like an option and more like an imperative. It’s not just about financial prosperity – though that’s a big part of it – but also about the overall success of our lives.

According to this enlightening study, investing in social skills gives us a return in the form of College graduations, steady jobs, effective teamwork, empowering sharing, and financial success. So, don’t shy away from improving your manners and communication skills. When it comes to achieving your dreams, remember that dressing impeccably is just as important as behaving impeccably.