Greenlight Debit Card for Kids: Free Subscription Offer for PSECU Members

Guiding Young Spenders: A Closer Look at Greenlight Debit Card for Kids

– Debit Mastercards for up to 5 kids
– Educational app for parents and children
– Parental control features
– Savings program with 1% APY interest
– Round-up feature for savings
– Teaching compound interest using higher rates


In the digital era where virtual payments have become the norm, the Greenlight Debit Card is stepping up to the plate to offer a safe and educational way for children to get their feet wet in the world of personal finance. This isn’t your typical pocket money system. It’s a tool that will transform your kiddies into money-savvy adults. Before you know it, they’ll be beating you at your own financial game!

Debit Mastercards for Kids

With the Greenlight service, your kids can feel a sense of independence with their very own debit Mastercards. You, as the watchful parent, can breathe a sigh of relief with real-time notifications keeping you in the loop of their spending activities. Now, you can track your youngsters’ financial footsteps without peeping over their shoulders.

Educational App

The wonders of technology mean that Greenlight isn’t just a debit card. It’s an entire financial teaching ecosystem. It comes with its very own educational app available for parents and kids. This isn’t just another app that will zap your kiddo’s time. It holds fun and interactive lessons about the world of finance. The cool part? It promotes values too, by encouraging kids to divide their money into savings or “giving” baskets.

Parental Control

With Greenlight, you get to pull the puppet strings. The parental control feature lets you automate allowances and set spending limits by category or even at a specific store. It’s a modern twist to the classic “money jar” system, preparing your little one for the big wide world of budgeting!

1% APY Interest-Earning Program

You don’t need to run a marathon to feel the runner’s high. In the same way, you don’t need a fortune to feel the joy of financial growth. Even the smallest amounts matter, and to drive this point home, Greenlight offers a savings program that earns an interest of 1% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Small, but significant, and an excellent way to introduce the concept of passive income.

Round-Up Savings Feature

Every cent matters, and Greenlight emphasizes this golden nugget of wisdom by rounding up purchases to the nearest dollar, depositing the extra change into a savings account automatically. It’s a clever way for children to save without even realizing it!

Teaching Compound Interest Effectively

Compound interest may be a bore to learn about, but Greenlight cleverly hacks its way around this by allowing parents to feign higher interest rates. Seeing $100 grow by 25% can be a whole lot more exciting than a meager 5%, right? This little trick adds some pizzazz to the magic of compound interest, making it more immediate and tangible for children.

In conclusion, Greenlight opens the door for children to explore the realms of finance, instilling valuable life lessons about financial responsibility, budgeting, and delayed gratification. Sure, $5 a month may not be much for such an enriching financial platform, but “free” always tastes sweeter. Luckily, many local banks and credit unions offer this service at no cost. So, take up the opportunity to shape your little one’s financial future today with Greenlight. Your future-self will thank you, and so will your kids!

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