Grange Auto Insurance Review: Outstanding Customer Service Ratings

Meet Grange: The High Road of Car Insurance

Looking for an insurance provider that believes in the power of goodwill and looks after its clientele like family? Well, let me tell you about Grange Auto Insurance, a company that consistently gets gleaming customer satisfaction reviews. Just imagine having your cellphone, identity, and even your furry friend’s injuries covered, along with your car – that’s Grange for you!

Key takeaways:
– Availability limited to select U.S states
– Superior customer satisfaction ratings
– Getting a quote involves an agent
– Claims process: Convenient with multiple options
– Unique Insurance Coverages: Identity theft, pet injury, and your mobile device
– Usage-based Insurance benefit for safe drivers: Discounts Galore

Grange: The Car Coverage Champs

Ever heard of insurance that cares about both your car and your cat named Whiskers? That’s Grange! They’re also keen to keep your cellphone safe and your identity intact. But before we dive into the list of pros, let’s have a look at the basic info.

Grange’s services are only available in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. They have a commendable customer satisfaction score, meaning you’ll be joining a family of happy customers. As for setting up, you’ll kickstart your journey with an insurance agent. In case of any snags along the way, they offer a handy claim submission process that you can easily access online, over the phone or via mobile app.


– Happy custo-mers: Stellar customer satisfaction ratings
– Unique Insurance: From Fido to your favorite iPhone, they have you covered
– Drive-Behavior Discounts: Your safe driving habits can drive down the costs


– Limited Availability: Unfortunately, they don’t exist in every state yet

Diving Deeper Into Grange’s Services

Founded in the 30s, Grange was the brainchild of John Haaf. Using his firm, he aimed to offer affordable auto insurance to Ohio State Grange’s agricultural organization members. Even today, Grange relies on local independent insurance agents to supply their services.

Keeping You OnTrack

Grange offers a usage-based insurance plan called OnTrack that allows you to cut down on your policy cost. As a new policyholder, you can snag a 10% discount just by signing up. Upon renewal, you stand a chance to get an additional discount of 25% if you’re a careful driver – all tracked by a smartphone app.

Minding the Gap

Suppose you take out a car loan or lease, and the value of your vehicle depreciates. In the unfortunate event of a totaled car, you’d be left covering the outstanding amount to your lender. Grange’s gap insurance swoops in like a superhero, covering your remaining debt.

Unique Coverage Options

Beyond basic car insurance, Grange has come up with some interesting offerings like identity theft car insurance, pet injury protection, and mobile device coverage. Imagine getting compensated for lost wages and legal costs if your identity gets stolen! Plus, they offer a specialist for your case. Your pets are also covered if they get hurt while in the vehicle. And, if your mobile device encounters an accident, they’ve got you covered too!

Auto Protection Offered By Grange

Apart from identity theft, pet, and mobile insurance, Grange offers standard coverages like liability, medical payments, comprehensive, personal injury, collision, and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. There’s also full glass coverage on offer, which means no out-of-pocket costs if your windshield cracks. Additional options include rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, new car replacement insurance for cars less than two years old, and personal umbrella car insurance.

Journey Through Grange’s Discount Deals

From being a good student to just having safety tech in your car, Grange offers discounts that cater to everyone. Discounts include accident forgiveness, multi-policy, new beginnings, good student, safety technology, away at school, and legacy loyalty discounts. Plus, safe drivers can save up to 25% via their OnTrack program!

More Answers About Grange

Not sure if Grange checks your boxes? Here are some FAQs to help understand better:

Is Grange Genuine? Absolutely! Grange has been serving customers since the ’30s and they’re known for their unique offerings.

Does Grange offer a satisfying service? Based on a J.D. Power study, Grange has secured the second highest spot for customer satisfaction in the North Central region of the USA.

Does Grange suit high-risk drivers? With independent agents working with various carriers, Grange can cater to diverse needs – including high-risk drivers.

Grange Might Not Be Your Cup of Tea? Consider These Alternatives

If you’re still unsure about Grange, you may want to consider:
– State Farm: Perfect if you have a classic car or are hunting for many discount options
– Root: If you’d prefer an insurer who charges premiums primarily based on your driving habits

So here it is, folks, the wholesome story of Grange and its unique offerings. It might not be for everyone, but if you want an insurance policy that covers a lot more than just your car at a cost that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, then you might want to shine your headlights on Grange.

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