7 Best Places To Sell Gift Cards For Cash

Transforming Idle Gift Cards into Actual Cash

Let’s break down the key points:

– Undesired gift cards harbor a potential for extra income.
– About $3 billion worth of gift cards are neglected annually in America.
– Engaging platforms for trading gift cards for money: Raise, CardCash, CardSell, ClipKard, Gameflip, GiftCash, and Check Into Cash.
– Recapturing cash from gift cards involves simple processes:
– Registration on a card trading platform.
– Supply of card information.
– Offer and payout.
– System of pricing hinges on the marketplace’s capacity.
– ‘In-person’ gift card sales are possible at physical outlets like Check Into Cash.
– Other options if you neither want to use nor sell your gift card include donation and regifting.

Personal Finances: Unleashing the Hidden Money in Gift Cards

Hello, hello! Ever look at that stack of gift cards from birthdays past or last Christmas and think, “Wow, these are really just collecting dust?” If you’re nodding right now, I’ve got a little secret to share – those unassuming plastic gift cards can be transformed into cold, hard cash!

It’s true! In the United States alone, roughly $3 billion worth of gift cards are left unused every single year. That’s a lot of forgotten cash! So, instead of letting your cards hoard dust in your drawer, why not sell them and add a little bonus to your budget?

Now wait a minute, you may be thinking, ‘how the heck is it effortless to sell a gift card online?’ Well, I’m glad you’re curious because right here, right now, we’re about to dive down the rabbit hole of gift card trading platforms.

The Big 7 – Gift Card Exchange Hubs

Best believe that making extra dough from idle gift cards can be as easy as 1-2-3 using online portals such as Raise, CardCash, CardSell, ClipKard, Gameflip, GiftCash, and Check Into Cash. All these platforms are different, but their overall concept is the same: transforming your gift card clutter into a useful wad of cash.

Raise those Cards up High!

Raise sets the bar, providing you with an avenue to sell potentially unwanted gift cards. The process is as swift as a breeze; all you need to do is fill in your card details, decide on a selling price, and voila! Kick back and await your payout through check, PayPal, or ACH direct deposit. Just bear in mind Raise do claim their 15% service fee.

Cash In with CardCash

Next on our list, CardCash! This platform simplifies the card selling process by giving you a prompt offer once you input your gift card’s value. For instance, a $50 Target gift card could sell for around $39.50 in cash.

The Convenience of CardSell

Fond of quick transactions? Then you’ll love CardSell! With CardSell’s trusty app, you can find out how much your gift card is worth, add your card details and receive payment through PayPal within 48 hours.

Ready, Set, ClipKard!

Selling with ClipKard involves just four steps: card information input, receiving your offer, sending your card via USPS and waiting for your pay. Isn’t that easy-peasy? Plus, there’s the additional allure of earning rewards points for future transactions.

Gameflip – A Gamers’ Delight

For our game-loving buddies seeing this, Gameflip is where you can wheel and deal in gift cards from platforms like Steam, PSN, Xbox, iTunes, Google Play and more. After a successful transaction, your earnings get deposited right into your Gameflip Wallet.

Gift Of Cash With GiftCash

Feeling impatient? GiftCash might just be your favorite stop. Simply add your gift card details, and GiftCash will instantly disclose your total payout offer. You can subsequently select your preferred payment option from ACH direct deposit or Cryptocurrency to complete your sale.

Instant Cash with Check Into Cash

For the folks who appreciate a face-to-face interaction, the Check Into Cash stores are your go-to. With over 300 outlets all over the U.S., you can convert your gift cards into cash immediately.

Unlock the Potential of Unused Gift Cards

In an age where every penny counts, it’s time to stop neglecting the potential for extra income. If you’re not planning to use the cards, why let them sit idle? Cash them in and make the most of your finances. Remember, every small step towards financial management counts. And who knows, selling those unused gift cards might just be the push you need to attain financial satisfaction!

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